Earthly Fabric

We are now taking bookings for June 2024
Earthly Amethyst
Earthly Beaujolais
Earthly Blue Jeans
Earthly Buttermilk
Earthly Clay
Earthly Darkest Blue
Earthly Gooseberry
Earthly Granite
Earthly Green Ivy
Earthly Ice Pop
Earthly Meadow Green
Earthly Peacock
Earthly Pomegranate
Earthly Prune
Earthly Radish
Earthly Seashore
Earthly Shale
Earthly Spade
Earthly Storm Blue
Earthly Tuscan Red

Earthly is made from 100% recycled fibres, manufactured entirely from waste textiles, which may otherwise have gone to landfill.

Please order swatches from our samples page. If you'd like to purchase fabric off the roll, please ask for prices per metre.