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We are now taking bookings for June 2024

Please feel free to order a limited number of samples from us. Most vinyls and fabrics are avalilable as swatches although we will inform you if any of your selection is not available. We strongly suggest you order samples rather than rely on the colours on the website as these can vary enormously on different screens. We ask that you request a maximum of four vinyl samples and four fabric samples as these are supplied free of charge by the manufacturers.

PLEASE NOTE: Samples can only be sent to UK addresses. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Our current lead time at the top of the page.

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Sample Matching Service

If you have a colour that you're trying to match, whether that is paint or some trim you already have, then send us a small sample and we'll try our very best to match that for you.

It's best that you send us something to reference for matching rather than ordering many samples in the hope of a match as colours are not always represented accurately on screens.

Aside from the vinyl ranges on our website, we can draw on hundreds of shades in our catalogues too.