We are now taking bookings for April 2024

The MAGNA-BLIND is a solution for your Splitscreen, T2 or T25 camper van. It is a versatile product that can be adapted to suit you. It is attached to your interior using powerful magnets -you do not need to fit curtain rails.

The blinds have a fabric of your choice on one side and an ivroy coloured thermail blackout lining on the other -blocking out sunlight, keeping your van cool during the day and warmer during the night. They are available in all many our curtain fabric choices. You can use the rear blinds when you are travelling as a sun blind -or to keep light out and the kids asleep.

Two Magna-Blind options are available. A full set of Magna-Blinds for each window including the cab area. Alternatively you may opt for a set of Magna-Blinds just for the rear of your camper van. All blinds are supplied with powerful magnets sewn in to the edging, enabling you to attach them to the metal frame around your windows.

Please be certain that magnets will adhere to the area surronding your windows. If you have carpet lining or similar, they will not work, in which case we can provide poppered fastenings instead.

Below are starting prices for VW T2 buses. Please contact us if you have a different vehicle.