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Buddy Box

We are now taking bookings for August 2024

NEW 'Buddy Box' ...hand made solid wood, not flat packed, incorporating two cup holders, concealed handles for lifting, hinged lid which accesses the storage area and fitted cushion for seating.

This piece is heavy enough not to slide around the camper and fits nicely between the front seats of a walk through bus.

These are handmade by a local artist and individually numbered. They’d make a great present!

A choice of cushion colours and styles is available. Or choose from our vast selcetion of fabrics and vinyls to match your interior.

These retail at £350 plus P&P but we have an introductory offer of £315 plus P&P.

Buddy Box 7.JPG
Buddy Box 8.JPG
Buddy Box 9.JPG
Buddy Box 11.JPG
Buddy Box 12.JPG
Buddy Box 13.JPG
Buddy Box 14.JPG
Buddy Box 16.JPG
Buddy Box 17.JPG
Buddy Box 19.JPG
Buddy Box 21.JPG
Buddy Box 22.JPG